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What people are saying about Little Passengers...

Kirsty & Rob

"If labour and birth are making you feel a little on edge we would recommend Little Passengers to anyone. Myself and my partner went in with an open mind and came away feeling excited about giving birth and meeting our little man. Laura made us feel comfortable while listening to any questions we had big or small! While being on the course we were told we would have to have an induction, something I really didn’t want to have but Laura had all the information to make us feel calm about our new situation.
Great way to meet other parents too and hopefully make new mummy friends.
Thank you so much Laura! "

Jane & Joe

"Laura is a great teacher - she patiently and clearly explained everything I needed to know about giving birth, the lead up and the aftermath! As an experienced midwife she was able to help me understand what to expect - and how to deal with the unexpected as calmly as possible. I’ve had two children now, once via c-section and the other a ‘natural’ birth. Nothing quite went as planned (there were complications with each) but I’m glad to say that both were really positive experiences, thanks to the prep I did with Laura and hypnobirthing." 

Jodie & Saskia

" My fiancé Saskia booked us onto Laura’s Hypnobirthing Course and being a pretty open minded bloke I was interested to see what it had to offer, though not really knowing what to expect.
I had no idea how amazingly positive it would be for the two of us and how it would empower us with the mental tools to remove any fear heading into birth.

Laura is an amazing tutor and has an incredibly calming aura about her, making you feel immediately relaxed as soon as you walk through the door to her class.
Laura structures the course in an informative and interactive manner and you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, which in our classes case turned into really interesting conversations, answering some queries we no doubt all have in our heads but are too scared or embarrassed to ask. You feel really comfortable talking about anything come the end, and we were all quite sad it had to end!

As a guy, I found Laura’s course highly educational learning about how truly amazing the female body is in the weeks and months leading up to birth, as well as the big day and then days and weeks after, learning to help make the whole process as comfortable for Saskia as possible - something many men don’t have a clue about which often makes them look and feel absolutely useless, when this does not need to be the case.

Thank you Laura for opening our minds and introducing us to Hypnobirthing. I would recommend this course 100%! "

Rachel & Sam

" Me and my husband are so glad that we did Laura’s hypnobirthing course. After over three years trying to conceive, a miscarriage and finally conceiving through ivf, pregnancy has been an anxious time and we were keen that the first time we met our baby, that it was as perfect a moment as could be. Laura’s experience and expertise as a midwife means that this well structured course is both informative and empowering, regardless of the journey that your birth takes. The advice, tips and relaxation scripts that are given are so useful. Thank you so much Laura! "

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