Meet Your Teacher - a hypnobirthing midwife


I'm Laura...

...a qualified KGHypnobirthing teacher DipHb (KG), proud hypnobirthing mum-of-two, registered midwife BSc (Hons) working within the NHS in Bristol and the founder of Little Passengers. I now live in the stunning surroundings of the Mendip Hills in Somerset with my husband and two little boys, after 12 years of loving life in vibrant Bristol. 

With years of experience of caring for women in labour in both midwife-led and high-risk obstetric settings, and attending home births as a community midwife, I see teaching Hypnobirthing as a natural extension of this wonderful role. I am passionate and skilled in supporting women like you  to have a calm, positive birth experience and transition to parenthood and I know first-hand that hypnobirthing helps to achieve this. I see that those women (and partners) that have practised hypnobirthing are different. They are confident and empowered. They are open-minded and trusting of their bodies, able to let labour progress as nature intended it, gently but powerfully. It led me to seek out & use hypnobirthing for my first pregnancy in 2016 and experience a birth that I can enthusiastically say I enjoyed. I feel so lucky to be able to say I loved giving birth, despite not all circumstances surrounding my pregnancy being ‘low risk’ and despite all the ‘baggage’ around birth complications and intervention that I carry as a midwife! When I had my second son this year, I experienced another relaxed and magical birth, this time at home. I teach KGHypnobirthing because I want others to feel about their births the way I do about mine. And if it worked for me, then it can work for you! 

I believe every pregnant woman needs to know about the difference hypnobirthing can make. I so commonly care for couples who arrive in labour already fearful of what’s happening and the ‘things’ that may go wrong. So it makes sense to me to reach out to couples during pregnancy and help enable women to eliminate those anxieties and doubts, to trust their instincts and be able to leave all the ‘what if’s’ to the midwife in the labour room. What an enormous privilege it is to teach KGHypnobirthing and be able to help make such a truly special time for couples the best it can possibly be.

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