Benefits of KG Hypnobirthing with Little Passengers

A Better Birth Experience

You are likely to experience a more comfortable birth - some Hypnobirthing mothers even experience pain free labours! 

You are less likely to need pain relief or medical intervention

Hypnobirthing labours are often shorter and mums tend to bounce back quicker as the physical impact of giving birth is reduced 

Feel Empowered

The KGH course is designed especially for women in the UK, uniquely providing the information and knowledge you need to best navigate the maternity care system in which you find yourself

You will better understand different options available, their implications and feel empowered to make informed decisions about what is right for you and your baby  

Real and Honest Insights

Being taught by an experienced practising midwife you will gain additional insight into current local maternity facilities & care practices 

Learn what to expect & how to get the best from those caring for, plenty of top tips from someone with first-hand experience of looking after hypnobirthing women in labour!   


The Right Birth For You

Although practising KG Hypnobirthing will increase the likelihood that your body and baby will work in harmony,  it is also invaluable for those times when a little more assistance is required

The skills you will learn are just as relevant for any type of birth and will help you remain calm and positive whichever planned or unexpected direction your birth journey may take you in

Calm Transition for Baby from Womb to World

Hypnobirthed babies tend to have a smoother, less medicated experience of birth and arrive to a relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond with you 

Look back on your birth experience positively and be ready to embrace your new family life

Hypnobirthed babies have a reputation for being calm, content and sleeping really well. They seem to thrive better. It may seem miraculous but this is how Hypnobirthing is designed to be.

Strong and Inspired Birth Partners

Our course aims to make both your birth education and the main event itself a real team effort. Dads learn how to take a more active role as supporter, advocate and protector, making them central to the process at every step of the way. 

The practise you do before birth will bring you closer together as a couple, and knowing he has played an important part in how his baby enters the world will likely deepen his relationship with his child too  

RCM Accredited Teaching

KGH Teacher Training is accredited and approved by the Royal College of Midwives so you can be sure you will receive the very highest standard of teaching and up-to-date course content 

Choose what is becoming widely accepted as the leading UK Hypnobirthing course

Discover Good Company

Laid-back KG Hypnobirthing in Bristol and Somerset. Our classes have a social format as we know how important it is to be able to share the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood by building a solid support network with other parents-to-be

To further assist with this we arrange an informal post natal reunion for each group as a chance to catch up & meet your beautiful new arrivals 

Ongoing Information and Support

After your Little Passengers course has finished you will not suddenly find yourself on your own. We provide an email support service to offer guidance and signposting through the rest of your pregnancy. If anything happens to cause 'wobbles' to your confidence, or you need clarification on any aspects of what you have learnt, we will be there to help

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