Does my partner need to attend the classes too?

They don’t have to, but ideally they should attend all sessions & you will both be very glad if they do. It is often partners who arrive at the course completely sceptical but leave the most enthusiastic! They love how factual & logical Hypnobirthing really is. A father who has learnt Hypnobirthing is not a birth partner that is nervous, doesn’t know what is going on or what to do to help. Instead he is knowledgeable and able to support you as you give birth. He is a huge asset in the birthing room, and many mothers say, ‘I couldn’t have done it without him.’ Have a look at the birth reports from fathers, benefit from their experience and understand the important  difference a partner or birth companion can make. 

Will Hypnobirthing work for me if I attend on my own?

It certainly will. All our birth journeys are different and whilst having a birth partner attend with you is the ideal, many women have come to the course alone if they have a partner who can’t make it, or are a single mum, or a second time mum without a babysitter.  The course adapts well for just you & your bump, but a relative, friend, or whoever will be supporting you at the birth would also be very welcome instead. Just remember that if you are committed to putting the practice in, Hypnobirthing works. 

Can't I just read The Hypnobirthing book without attending the course?

Honestly, for a few mothers just reading the book and using the Colour and Calmness Relaxation CD may be enough, but for the majority it isn’t (though it will always make a difference). The trouble is, you don’t know which category you come into until after your baby is born. Hypnobirthing truly is a worthwhile investment in yours and your baby's future and if you want to experience the full benefits it is strongly recommended to attend a course. With Little Passengers you will learn much more than what's in the book, including having unhindered access to the knowledge and experience of a local practising midwife!

Will I be 'out of it' if I use Hypnobirthing?

Despite common misconceptions about hypnosis that have arisen from TV and stage portrayals, you are definitely not ‘out of it’ during self-hypnosis. It is a perfectly safe and pleasant experience. A Hypnobirthing mother is in a state of deep relaxation, whilst also being fully aware of what is going on and remaining an active participant in her labour process. Hypnobirthing mothers often find that they can 'tune out' the distractions of other people or their birthing environment while they focus on birthing their baby, but can return to conversation and focus on other things whenever needed or when they wish to. 

What is the best format for me to learn Hypnobirthing ?

Little Passengers often teaches the KGHypnobirthing course in two full days (usually across one or two weekends). We have found this is extremely effective and is the preferred option of most couples with busy lives! We also run some courses in Somerset that are 4 shorter evening sessions (typically run over 2 consecutive weeks). You will find hypnobirthing taught in different formats, 5 short sessions, 4 short sessions, or 2 days.  Each format has its pros and cons, but there is no research showing that one method is better than another. The bottom line is simply that KGHypnobirthing works, so choose the format that is most convenient for you. Please also feel free to contact us to provide feedback about the dates/times/format of our classes as we're always keen to know how we can respond to what you couples out there want! 

Who is Hypnobirthing suitable for?

Anyone expecting a baby!

If you are expecting your first baby, you may often ask yourself the question ‘What if..?’.  Anxieties you may have are likely from dramatic labour scenes seen on TV or in films, or from hearing those 'horror stories' of birth from other well-meaning women.  KGHypnobirthing helps to explain the ‘What ifs’ so you can safely leave them to your midwife.  She is highly qualified in ‘what ifs’, and your mind needs to be free of them to allow your body to work at it's best in labour.

For women who are expecting their second or subsequent baby, the words ‘If only…’ are more common. ‘If only I had known, I would have made a different decision.’ ‘If only someone had told me.’ KGHypnobirthing saves you from saying ‘If only…’ after your birth, and helps you let go of a previous negative experience, so that the birth of your next baby can be a wonderful and empowering experience. It is the second time mums who REALLY know the difference that KGHypnobirthing makes as they have experienced the difference for themselves.


When should I do the course?

It is not so much a matter of learning facts so they are fresh in your mind, but more a matter of absorbing the information so that it becomes second nature. Plus, the more practice you manage to do, the more effective Hypnobirthing will be for you so starting somewhere between 25-30 weeks is ideal. However, KGHypnobirthing works whenever you do it.

What are the 5 C's of KGHypnobirthing?

Confidence  - When you feel confident, you relax and work with your body in the way nature intended.

Control - With the knowledge you have, you are enabled to take control of how you give birth.

Choice - When you feel in control, the choices you make are the best choices for you and for your baby.

Calm - When you feel calm throughout the birth you are relaxed and your mind and body work together in harmony.

Comfort - The result is that your body works efficiently and comfortably. 

Am I guaranteed a pain-free labour if I do Hypnobirthing?

Whilst many Hypnobirthing mothers do report having a pain-free birth or one that they were able to manage easily, KGHypnobirthing cannot promise a perfect experience - nothing can! It is important to recognise that childbirth can be affected by many different factors, some of which are beyond your control. The aim is to have a calmer, easier, more comfortable birth- where you are able to make empowering decisions that are right for you, no matter what the circumstances are. Achieving this aim is in part related to how much practice you put into the techniques before your labour, which is something you do have control over! Little Passengers are the signpost, we give you all the information and support we possibly can, then you make the journey. 

What if I can't attend any of the courses on the dates advertised?

If our pre-planned dates for group KG Hypnobirthing in Bristol or Somerset are not ideal for you, it may be possible to arrange private classes for yourself (or a small group of friends who are interested in learning Hypnobirthing together) with dates, times & location to suit us both. Please feel free to make contact to discuss your needs and request an individual quote. 

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